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Marketing Lucidity gets marketing's operational requirements.  Marketing Lucidity also gets  Put these together and know that you can turn to us to optimize for marketing and sales effectiveness.  We believe in leverage the platform natively to simplify the experience for your users and reduce license costs of multiple solutions.  Many of our projects are based on custom requirements, but here's a few common examples:

Lead Scoring

Leverage lead and / or contact data you may already be collecting to score leads.  Enable your marketing and sales teams to automatically prioritize tasks based upon the highest value prospects. 

Drip Marketing

You may be considering a third party marketing automation tool to message your prospects and customers with the right individual message at the right time.  Before you do that, give us a call to discuss what's possible on Salesforce's platform.

MDF and Marketing Portal Creation

Leverage Salesforce Communities to automate partner marketing for you.  Present marketing partnership opportunities, secure sponsorships, and present ROI back to your partners. 

Job Title Mapping

Have you ever considered targeting your marketing efforts to specific job functions and job levels?  If you have you probably quickly realized this is a daunting task.  No longer though.  We have built a database of 50,000+ job titles mapped to job function and job level.

Reports and Dashboards

Since we get and we get marketing and sales, helping you think through your quantitative marketing and sales objectives and determine how to measure them in is a natural fit. 

Custom Projects

What you've read so far are just a few examples of our ability to customize for your company's specific needs.  However our expertise transcends these specific examples.  Whether you are defining your requirements for marketing or sales, or other disciplines such as customer service, project management, communities and portals or custom apps we can help.


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