Forecast your leads in Salesforce.  Plan marketing contribution to sales.  Eliminate spreadsheets.


Marketing Lucidity’s Marketing Demand Planning application provides B2B marketing organizations with a best in class application establishing marketing’s lead and pipeline goals.

Utilizing a comprehensive series of variables, including your sales targets, sales pipeline & marketing metrics, and marketing goals, Marketing Demand Planning provides your organization with best practice capabilities to align your lead, pipeline and revenue goals across organizations, bridging the gap between sales and marketing. It can be easily customized to your organization’s requirements, including specific lead and pipeline goals for each and every sales group by region, industry, or size of target customer.


  • Application calculates required leads and pipeline over time by sales region and sales team or product based upon your specific sales and marketing metrics or goals
  • Integrated method of tracking lead forecasts and results vs. lead requirements on an ongoing basis
  • Benchmark lead goals for assumption comparison
  • Investment balancing model across marketing, sales, and partner-sourced leads


  • Clarity into marketing’s pipeline contribution requirements
  • Goal alignment across pipeline generation functions, including sales, marketing and business development
  • Goal-setting mechanisms for your marketing organization for all demand generation functions
  • Means of justifying and validating marketing spend to bridge the common gap between budgeted and required marketing program spend

Marketing Demand Planning is a hosted application developed by Marketing Lucidity utilizing leading- edge Cloud Computing technology from  It is built natively on's platform so no additional integrations or data sources are required.  Marketing Demand Planning is available for free trial and download from’s AppExchange.


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