Manage your lead pipeline.  Track progress.  Measure each stage from Marketing Accepted Lead to Sales Qualified Lead.


Lead Progression Metrics (LPM) is a no-brainer app for marketing organizations using  LPM is built natively in and tracks leads through every step in the marketing funnel - from new lead, to Marketing Accepted Lead, Marketing Qualified Lead, Sales Accepted Lead, and Sales Qualified Lead.  The app measures the time spent in each stage and automatically generates reports to measure your organizations effectiveness moving leads through pipeline based upon this widely-accepted methodology.


  • Tracks exact time spent in each lead status down to the second
  • Categorizes leads into demand waterfall categories in real-time
  • Calculates % of leads progressing through each stage of your marketing funnel
  • Customizable workflow to map waterfall calculations to your organizations processes
  • Built natively on  No third party data sources or apps required.


  • Automated reporting of lead progression metrics saving you time and ensuring no lead gets lost
  • Enables customized follow up strategies by lead status value to increase conversion rates
  • Improves ability to forecast marketing contribution to pipeline and ROI
  • Adhere to standardized demand waterfall methodology to benchmark against industry averages

Lead Progression Metrics from Marketing Lucidity is a Cloud-based application built natively on's platform and provides companies with out of the box demand waterfall metrics.  Implementation is out of the box and can be completed in under an hour, but is also as customizable as your lead management process.  To learn more reach out to us today.


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Lead Progression Metrics is an unmanaged package for customers.  To learn more contact us using form below:

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