Marketing Lucidity provides applications and services to better enable customers market their products efficiently.  Applications include Marketing Budget Management, Marketing Demand Planning, and Lead Progression Metrics.  Services include Job Title Mapping and CRM Implementations and Optimizations.


Lead Progression Metrics

Our Lead Progression Metrics app automates your ability to manage leads through the widely accepted four step model - marketing accepted leads, marketing qualified leads, sales accepted leads, and sales qualified leads.  The solution is built on Salesforce and works with your favorite marketing automation app.

Lead Progression Metrics 

Marketing Budget Management

Marketing Lucidity’s Marketing Budget Management application for Salesforce CRM integrates seamlessly into the Salesforce Marketing suite, enabling marketing users to establish enterprise-class marketing budgets, expense tracking, and partner marketing funds.

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Marketing Demand Planning

 Marketing Lucidity is the leader in developing innovative, value-add applications and to help marketers automate daily planning and execution business processes.  Marketing Demand Planning enables marketers to plan demand generation spend to meet revenue targets, justify marketing spend, and establish return on investment.

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